If you are looking to sell your Morgan Dollars it’s best to understand where to find the mint mark and have a good idea of what the key dates are in circulated condition. We have created a list here to help you when you are dealing with someone who won’t share the information with you. We at J. Austin believe in transparency so we have made a quick list of key date coins in Very Good to Extra Fine condition below. The mint mark is found on the reverse of coins below the eagle as shown in this photo. mmcarsoncity

The coin shown was minted at the Carson City mint in Carson City Nevada between 1878 and 1893. As a general rule due to the mint not existing any more and the history behind it, Carson City mint marks demand a premium in any condition. Keep in mind scratched and cleaned coins are often counted as culls and have lower collectible premiums. For example if you take a pristine mint state Morgan that is toned and dip it in jewelry cleaner you could change the value from $40 down to $18 with one dip. More expensive coins can have more severe value drops.

Key Date Quick Guide:

1. All Morgans with a CC mint mark are semi key to key date and are worth more.

2. All coins in Fine or better condition 1892 through 1895 are more valuable

3. S mint marks in higher grades tend to have better premiums

4. 1899, 1901, 1901-S, 1902-S all 1903 date coins and 1904-S in higher grades

This list is by no means comprehensive but gives you a quick start guide.